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I am a driven, talented, & unstoppable actress, musician, & model. I have been in the entertainment industry for over 8 years & now and I am taking my talent to another level. I am full time in the entertainment industry and am not ceasing until I complete my dream of making it to the big screen and performing in front of thousands of people.

Modeling wise, I have done things ranging from different runways, promotional modeling, print, commercial/TV/Industrial, videos, & very extravagant events. I have already been published in many magazines including Elegant Magazine, Southern Celebrations Magazine, & many more. Modeling is like the canvas that I keep stroking.


Acting wise, I have already starred in major movies & regular series including Nashville, The Have and Have Not’s, Swamp Murders, Fatal Attraction, Marvelous, & many more. I have also done major commercials ranging from Coca-Cola, Revlon, plus many more. Acting is like the cherry on top of a Sundae.


Music wise, I have gotten numerous shows ranging from The Black College Expo, Terminal West Performances, and radio interviews from all over the world. I am also thankful that my single ‘Wang” has been on the indie charts at (#1) for over three weeks and remains to catch attention. I have also worked alongside many talented artists who have helped me to develop awesome tracks! Music is like my freedom of speech.


Hosting wise, I am a phenomenal public speaker and I have hosted events ranging from Film festivals, showcases, and live demonstrational events.


I love to be center stage in everything that I do. I love family, friends, and all my supporters who have stayed by side. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my fans/family.


I will continue to strive for greatness in everything that I do! That’s why my drive for this industry continues to be my motivating force & is one to be reckoned with! ☺

Cassidy R. Bigham

SAG Eligible


678.637.0027           Reel Sisters Talent Agency           Ultimate Model Management Inc  

Hair: Brown           Weight: 130           Eyes: Brown           Height: 5’9           Dress: 4

Shoe: 9           Pant: 4           Waist: 26           Bust: 34C           Hips: 36



Nashville                                                                              Co-Star                                                             ABC Studios/Lionsgate Television

The Have and the Have Nots                                            Co-Star                                                             Tyler Perry Studios

Coca-Cola Commercial                                                       Lead                                                                 Coca-Cola Company/Studios

Revlon Commercial                                                             Lead                                                                 The Wilder Castings/Productions

Marvelous                                                                            Principal                                                           Khaeem Entertainment

The Justice Mob                                                                   Lead                                                                 East End Television Productions

Nappily Ever After                                                               Documentary Subject                                   Nappily Productions Inc

Swamp Murders                                                                  Recurring                                                        Crazy Legs Productions

Fatal Attraction                                                                    Recurring                                                         Jupiter Entertainment

Enquiring Minds                                                                  Recurring                                                         Jupiter Entertainment

BITH                                                                                       Lead                                                                 Noise Global Media
Freedom House                                                                   Lead                                                                 Destination Productions
Slut                                                                                        Co-Star                                                             Darkwood Pictures

Revlon Commercial                                                             Lead                                                                 The Wilder Castings/Productions

Tupac: All Eyez on Me                                                         Featured Morgan                                           Creek Productions

KPMG Industrial Shoot                                                       Featured                                                          New Life Castings/Productions

Elevare Commercial                                                            Lead                                                                 Kendrick Enterprises

Hands Up                                                                              Lead                                                                 Short Film

Pimpology                                                                             Lead                                                                 What Matter Films

Love Hurts                                                                             Lead                                                                 Short Film

Interrogation                                                                         Lead                                                                 Short Film

Dream Date                                                                           Lead                                                                 Short Film



Romeo & Juliet                                                                      Lead                                                                 Drama Club

The Way of the World                                                          Lead                                                                 Drama Club

Don’t Judge Me for Who I Am                                             Lead                                                                 Theatre Play



Never Break Up                                                                     Lead                                                                 Oddz N Endz

I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In                                  Lead                                                                 Def Jam Records

Lit                                                                                             Lead                                                                 Def Jam Records

Calling Me                                                                               Lead                                                                 WSHH Exclusive​

On Me                                                                                      Lead                                                                 ECG Productions

So Many                                                                                   Lead                                                                 YMCMB
Patience                                                                                   Lead                                                                 Palm Tree Pictures
Love                                                                                          Lead                                                                 Palm Tree Pictures
Tickle Your Kneecaps                                                             Lead                                                                Turquoise Jeep Music Prod




Athletic Skills: Running, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Dancing, Swimming, Horseback Riding, Body Building, Volleyball

Dialects: Southern, Latin, & Impersonations

Special Skills: Modeling (professional), State Champion for Hurdles (track), Host, Comedian, Voice Over, Quick to Change Characters, Motivational speaker, Impressionist, Roller Skating, Basketball


Professional Modeling Experience


Runway Modeling/ Transferrable Skills:

  • Displayed and presented various clothing and merchandise for fashion shows

  • Changed quickly backstage between sets, having little time to make a mistake



  • Southern Celebration Magazine Model Mike Moreland Photography

  • Elegant Magazine Model Pheauxtography



  • Yume Designs Model/BA Fashion Show

  • Jada Culture Model Art/Fashion Festival

  • Cause of Elegance Model Fashion Show

  • Great Bridal Expo Model Bridal Fashion Show


Promotional Modeling

  • Good Life Wear Promotional Model

  • Justin Ross Apparel Brand Ambassador

  • Fashion Imagined Promotional Model

  • Dale’s Best Promotional Model

  • Next To Rise Brand Ambassador

  • BMW Nac Show Promotional Model



  • Fashion Show Host Yume Clothing Designs

  • Underground Level 2 Host Organization/Bar

  • Opera Art Show Host Art Show

  • International Film Festival Host College Film Festival

  • Pink Affair Music Showcase Host Atlanta Music Showcase

  • International Fashion Show Host EYG Productions


Additional Modeling Skills

  • Can look & play various parts

  • Excellent walking posture & good sense of style

  • Experienced in many different areas of the modeling industry



  • Southern Crescent Technical College Griffin, Ga.

  • -Associates Degree in Business Management

  • -Bachelor of Business Administration May 2017

  • -B.I.S. Minor in Theatre May 2017


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